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Two months before your move

  1. As soon as you decide to move, start getting organized. Most people don’t realize how much “stuff” they have until they move.  Start looking around to see what will be moved and what needs to be disposed.
  2. For the items not making the trip, have a yard sale, donate them, or just throw them away.
  3. If you will be changing health providers, start compiling medical and dental records.  Ask your doctors if they can refer you to a physician in your new neighborhood.
  4. Arrange for your children’s school records to be transferred to their new school district.
  5. Start talking to young children about the upcoming move.  Moves to a new location can be traumatic for young children.  Preparing them in advance gives the child plenty of time to prepare for the move.

One month before your move

  1. Set a date for the big move, and then call Blue Men Moving LLC so we can reserve the day.
  2. If you are moving out of or into an apartment that requires an elevator, arrange to use the elevator the day of your move.
  3. Start packing the non-essential items, things that you’re not going to need until after the move, in places like the garage, attic, and basement.  You can also hire Blue Men Moving LLC to help you pack.
  4. Remember to save your last credit card bills, account statements, magazine subscriptions, utility bills, etc. These bills contain important phone numbers and account information that may be helpful when changing addresses.
  5. Start thinking about how your furniture will fit in the new house, take measurements, and make a diagram.  This way you can tell our movers exactly were you would like each piece placed.  This will save time and money the day of the move.

One week before the move

  1. Cancel your local paper or change the address.
  2. File a change of address at your local postal service.
  3. Notify all financial accounts of your move. Banks, credit cards, brokerages (401k, personal stocks/mutual funds, other investments, etc.) all need to know your new address. Make a list and call/write them all!

Three days before the move

  1. Finish packing the day-to-day more essential items.
  2. Make a collection of valuables that you will take with you in your personal vehicle such as passport, jewelry, cash, house deeds, and other important documents.
  3. Pack each member of the family a personal box or suit case with essential items that they will need for the next few days and then move it yourself or have your movers put them in a place where they are easily accessible.
  4. Unhook appliances and take apart furniture that requires disassembly, such as, removing mirrors from dressers, dismantling beds that are not going to be used, and disassembling corner desks that can not be moved in one piece.

The day of the move

  1. Empty refrigerators and freezers.
  2. Inform the movers of any boxes or furniture which require extra special care when moved.
  3. Inform the movers of any essential items which need to be loaded at the back of the truck so that they will be the first items off at the unload.
  4. Be accessible to answer any questions the movers may have; the less time they spend looking for you, the more money you will save.
  5. While loading, be prepared to answer questions concerning items to be moved versus items that will stay.
  6. While unloading, be prepared to answer questions concerning where you would like boxes placed and furniture positioned.
  7. Relax knowing that your belongings are in the hands of experienced professionals.